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Broom Street Software


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


A suite of iPhone/iPad and Android apps integrated with QAD ERP Software


Quick to market providing a competitive edge.

Broom Street Software had an opportunity to be first to market with mobile solutions for QAD Enterprise software. MIS has acted as their software development team - helping them save time and money by building enterprise class apps for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. The apps are built as native apps providing the fastest response and full features such as bar code scanning, signature capture, and image storage and retrieval.

Broom Street’s marketing department wanted to expand their business by offering a mobile app product line which interfaces with QAD ERP system. Being first to market was key for the success of the product line. With a combination of multiple different apps for multiple platforms it was projected the project would expensive and time consuming to complete.

Broom Street asked around and then called MIS.

“They wanted to take advantage of customer demand by providing a mobile solution for retrieving and updating data from their QAD Enterprise system” explained Glenn Smith, CEO of MIS. “Executives and sales people on the go were demanding a solution for mobile. We built the mobile apps and conductivity they needed to pass data to/from the ERP system and mobile devices. Building the software as native apps really was the right solution for their project. The apps are fast and flexible and we provided the expertise to build them for much less money and time which is extremely important. They were suprised how quickly we could produce the apps and the cost was much less than expected.”

Suite of mobile apps created by MIS for Broom Street.

  • Order Desk
  • Inventory Desk
  • Purchasing Desk
  • Planning Desk
  • Mobile Desk
  • Field Desk
  • DocLib