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Certified Municipal Searchers


Real Estate


Built an online system to allow for a paperless office


Primarily time - No longer needed to fax paper and enter data manually, all done online.

CMS's old system was in desperate need of an upgrade. By using MIS, they were able to leapfrog the competition, and automate many manual processes, gaining new speed and efficiency.

Certified Municipal Searchers (CMS) provides Tax and Assessment Searches in New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as Flood Zone Determinations. This information is critical as state laws requires full disclosure when a piece of real estate is bought or sold. The company also provides Tax Certificates, and Delinquency Sweeps.

CMS was using a system that allowed their clients to order a tax search online. Each search request was directed to a field agent, who would go to the courthouse to gather the appropriate information.

The problem with this application was that it was implemented with older development tools that did not scale well as CMS grew. In addition, CMS was facing pressure from competitors who were providing a web interface. Meaning that CMS would need to upgrade their application to meet new customer expectations.

MIS helps CMS bring their system to the Web.

"The challenge was rewriting the system so it did not cause problems with CMS's computers," says Glenn Smith, President of MIS. "The old system had a lot of issues—printing problems, for example, were an everyday occurrence."

The old system still relied on many manual processes—generating a lot of paper that needed to be printed and faxed. A request would be printed, reviewed, and then sent via fax to a searcher. The searcher would mark up the form and fax it back to the central office. The central office would then key in the information and print out the final results for the customer. Finally, those results were faxed to CMS's clients.

The new system, designed by MIS, significantly improves speed and efficiency, while cutting the number of errors and amount of manpower required.

  • · A client enters a tax search request via a web page. All requests are then batched to the appropriate searchers at night, via email. It's all totally automated, saving the time consuming steps of printing out and faxing the requests.

  • · After the searchers find the information at the courthouse, they fax back the results, which are then entered into the system, and the searches are marked "complete."

  • · Finally, the system automatically emails the results back to the clients.

The savings: fewer errors, greater speed, and happier customers.

Not only does CMS fulfill requests faster than before, they're also completed with fewer errors and printer problems. As well, CMS doesn't need to devote nearly as much manpower time to the process of filling requests, allowing them to redirect talent into more valuable tasks.

The application also has the potential to make CMS even more productive. Instead of requiring searchers to fax back the results, in the future, as CMS becomes more comfortable with the system, they will most likely enter the information directly over the Web.