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Kang & Lee Advertising.




Developed an online application that tracks competitive advertising for AT&T


primarily time—rapid delivery of data so AT&T can react more quickly to their competition

When Kang & Lee, an advertising agency, needed a faster, less expensive way to get timely information to their clients at AT&T, MIS gave them the answers they were looking for

Kang & Lee Advertising is an advertising agency based in New York City that specializes in developing marketing programs to reach Asian Americans. From strategic planning to creative development, they help clients like AT&T, Bank of America, Oxford Health Plans and others serve the growing needs of this valuable demographic.

As part of their work with AT&T's consumer division, Kang & Lee was tasked with tracking competitive advertising in the highly competitive long distance category. Providing AT&T with timely samples of TV, radio and newspaper ads being run by competitors like Sprint, MCI and Verizon.

To accomplish this, Kang & Lee employed a manual process, which involved using employees to find the ads, and then burn them on DVD to be mailed to their AT&T clients. Not only did this mean that AT&T would have to wait to receive the information in the mail, it also was expensive to send the information to more than one person.

MIS helps Kang & Lee go long distance for AT&T.

"The challenge was to automate the process of delivering this information at a reasonable price," says Glenn Smith, President of MIS. "The closer to real time that the information was available, the quicker AT&T could adjust their marketing and strategy to compete in the consumer long distance market place."

MIS helped Kang & Lee develop an application that would allow them to post the latest TV, radio and newspaper ads on the Internet. Ads are uploaded to an MIS server, and indexed. Through any Internet connection, AT&T can search the database, and find the results for a particular market space (for example, Hispanic or Chinese), and view the ads directly in their browser.

MIS also hosts the application itself, which keeps the information secure, and allows both Kang & Lee and AT&T to access the data without internal firewall issues. Another benefit is that Kang & Lee does not have to house the servers in expensive Manhattan real estate.

The savings: dollars, yes, but more importantly, time.

Certainly, Kang & Lee no longer need to manually burn DVDs or physically mail materials to AT&T, which saves money. However, the main benefit of the new solution is speed. By having the latest intelligence at their fingertips, AT&T can make faster decisions when trying to react to competitive changes in the marketplace.