Micro Integration Services, Inc.

Why Us?

Why has MIS been the choice of companies like AT&T, The Philadelphia Eagles, and Cegedim, Kraft and others since 1985?

Why do so many companies choose MIS? If you read our case histories, you'll see some common strengths mentioned time and time again:

  • Smarter, more cost-efficient business solutions—often at a fraction of what large software and consulting companies charge.

    We understand how to solve business problems. Unlike huge software and consulting firms, we're able to pinpoint the issues faster, and apply the right solution in a much more efficient way. This pragmatic, customized approach allows us to often solve a problem for a fraction of the cost recommended by the larger firms. Often saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars initially and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

  • A responsive team dedicated to delivering personal service.

    You can always reach one of the members of our team (often the person who developed the application itself.) And typically get a response within minutes—not hours. Which means you're able to get problems resolved in hours—not days?

  • Extensive experience working with small and medium, as well as large, Fortune 500 firms.

    All of these companies have been MIS clients: AT&T, The Philadelphia Eagles, Cegedim, The University of Pennsylvania, Nabisco, Information Today. Lucent Technologies. We have experience working with companies of every size, and a special expertise in certain industries, including telecom, sales/marketing, banking, healthcare, publishing and real estate.

With all this in mind, before you spend tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a solution from a huge software or consulting firm, why not get a free second opinion? You could pay less, and get a lot more.