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About Us

Get to know a bit about Micro Integration Services

Who We Are

MIS (Micro Integration Services) is a software and computer consulting company that's been solving business problems since 1985.

What We Do

MIS combines custom web and mobile app consulting with development to deliver turnkey business solutions.

Why Us?

Why has MIS been the choice of companies like AT&T, The Philadelphia Eagles, IQVIA, Kraft, and others since 1985?

Who We Are

We've been solving problems since 1985

That's just how we describe ourselves: problem solvers. Our job begins by listening—making sure we fully understand what you're trying to accomplish. From there, we recommend innovative, practical solutions that often end up costing a fraction of what the big companies would charge.

Most of our work is centered on making sure you can acess your data in the way you need. Specifically, we specialize in custom web and mobile applications for businesses, web and mobile app consulting, and cross platform mobile apps which access databases containing your data. Our mobile data management systems allow extension of your data to the mobile user, which includes your clients, workforce, and vendors. We also provide reporting and admin features via web based software providing you with the most flexible approach using today's cutting edge technologies.

In addition to delivering more cost-effective, practical solutions, we believe that the hands-on service and response times we deliver are second to none. Unlike other firms that point fingers, we stand by what we build—solving problems in minutes rather than days while always keeping in mind that your success is our success.

What We Do

Mobile app consulting and custom application development.

We see our job as solving business problems. Faster. More efficiently. And, in many cases, for tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars less than large software or consulting firms.

We deliver complete solutions: from needs analysis through application development. We do not sell off the shelf hardware and software so we can be truly objective when we make a recommendation. You can then select your own vendor or we can have a partnering company contact you to fulfill these needs. Finally, if you do not have the infrastructure and do not want to make the investment, MIS can assist with your new application's hosting and ongoing maintenance—making sure it continues to deliver results, and a strong ROI, for many years to come.

Our years of experience allows us to develop high quality, cross platform web and mobile applications including iPhone, iPad, and Android app development. We are committed to building mobile apps for businesses and mobile data management solutions that fit your business

Why Us

Why do so many companies choose MIS?

  • Smarter, more cost-efficient business solutions—often at a fraction of what large software and consulting companies charge.

    We understand how to solve business problems. Unlike huge software and consulting firms, we're able to pinpoint the issues faster, and apply the right solution in a much more efficient way. This pragmatic, customized approach allows us to often solve a problem for a fraction of the cost recommended by the larger firms. Often saving our clients tens of thousands of dollars initially and hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

  • A responsive team dedicated to delivering personal service.

    You can always reach one of the members of our team (often the person who developed the application itself.) And typically get a response within minutes—not hours. Which means you're able to get problems resolved in hours—not days?

  • Extensive experience working with small and medium, as well as large, Fortune 500 firms.

    All of these companies have been MIS clients: AT&T, The Philadelphia Eagles, Cegedim, The University of Pennsylvania, Nabisco, Information Today. Lucent Technologies. We have experience working with companies of every size, and a special expertise in certain industries, including telecom, sales/marketing, banking, healthcare, publishing and real estate.

With all this in mind, before you spend tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars on a solution from a huge software or consulting firm, why not get a free second opinion? You could pay less, and get a lot more.


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